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The mission of Civil Proj-Ex. is to serve Municipalities, Government Agencies, and Private Companies by sharing our expert analytical competencies with a big picture practice of project management processes to continually execute the optimal solution to meet our clients’ project success parameters for quality, value and schedule.

CIVIL PROJ-EX is one of a few firms who require each professional to also demonstrate knowledge, skills, and experience leading and directing project teams to complete successful projects.  This is evident in our Project Management Professional (PMP) certifications.
Our Wastewater Division provides services for our clients in identifying new water supply sources, analyzing existing and proposed systems, making recommendations, providing engineering design services, preparing cost analyses, developing design specifications and bid documents, and providing construction administration services. Specific services include Pump Station Design, Sanitary Sewer Design, Infiltration/Inflow & SSES, Low Pressure Sewer Systems,  Sewer Main Design, Sewer Main Assesment and Rehabilitation, Facilities Planning, and Hydraulic Analysis and Modeling.
At CIVIL PROJ-EX, we are committed to our customers by providing exceptional, innovative, and cost-effective engineering planning and design personalized to their unique needs. With professional excellence we provide services for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural land uses, as well as engineering services for educational, public works, municipalities, county, state, federal, utility and water management agencies.

We provide a variety of services including:
Through our water resources work, we help our clients to find and manage water supplies, to act as good stewards of our waterways, and to protect our natural environment. Civil Proj-Ex’s water resources engineers have worked with a variety of clients, including federal, state and local governments and private entities.  

Our water resources engineering services include  hydrologic & hydraulic modeling, water supply alternatives analyses, water storage and distribution, corresponding civil engineering services such as transportation, structural, geotechnical, municipal and site development

Construction Administration

Our Site Development Division provides a variety of infrastructure design and premitting services for residential, commercial, mutli-use, and industrial clients.  With innovative solutions and expertise in site design, our professionals can find value in optimum site usage while balancing funtionality and aesthetics.  Our services include Preliminary Planning and Site Analysis, Master Planning, Permitting, Site Design, Utilities, Local Government Coordination, Due Diligence Studies, Stormwater Design, Construction Administration, and Construction Inspection.
Land Development and Site Engineering
At CIVIL PROJ-EX we provide our transportation design services for state, county, and municipal agencies. Which includes Transportation Planning, Highway Design, Traffic Engineering, UDOT Coordination, Sidewalk and Trail Design, Construction Administration, Construction Inspection, Access Coordination, Traffic Studies and Transportation Master Plans.
CIVIL PROJ-EX provides a full range of constructions administration services to meet the growing demand for efficient and effective project delivery.  The firm oversees the design, construction administration and related support activities of each project.  CIVIL PROJ-EX can manage project schedules, provide quality control and ensure that clients' budgetary goals are met.
CIVIL PROJ-EX's planning services division assists clients with developing projects that embody strong design and timeless results.  By making design and planning recommendations that both reduce infrastructure costs and minimize environmental impacts, our firm achieves innovative, creative, and workable plans for industrial, commercial, residential and mixed-use communities ans well as regional, state, county and municipal government entities.  Our services include Community Planning, Public Involvment, Rezoning, Government Analysis, and Recreational Master Planning.
We come up with the best stormwater designs for our clients based on performance, budget, aesthetics, and site characteristics. We'll design a BMP or combination of BMP's that is right for the site conditions and the client's budget. Some of these BMP types include: Dry Detention Basin, Wet Basin, Rain Garden, Filter Drain, Grass Swale, Gravel Ditch, Created Wetland and Green Roof.

Stormwater services include river engineering and flood studies, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) studies, LOMA/LOMR submittals, stormwater and floodplain management ordinance consultation, navigation improvements, stream bank stabilization & erosion control